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Hunter's Crossing

Original artwork signed by the 357th Fighter Group C.O.. This is a Giclee of the original artwork.. 

WWII Fighter Planes Artwork 

Artist: Northrup 

Signed & # Giclee Print

Size 20x30"   

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"High Summer '44"

WWII Fighter Planes Art

Original artwork was signed by President  George Bush, Sr., his gunner, and his radioman. This is a Giclee print of the original.     

Artist: Northrup

Signed & # by Artist

Size: 18x23"  

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"One to go Chappie"

WWII Fighter Planes Artwork 

      Signed & # by Artist / Giclee print

Artist: Northrup

Size: 18 x 21 1/2 " 



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 Famous WWII Fighter Pilot


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" God Is My Co-Pilot "

The Life Story of General Robert L. Scott, Jr.

Artist Signed Numbered Limited Edition Print of 1,000

...artwork includes General Scott's P-40, " Old Exterminator," his wife Kitty Rix, actors from teh movie, "God is My Co-Pilot," General C.L. Chennault, and many other aspects of his life 

WWII flying ace who told of his exploits in his book God Is My Co-Pilot (1943),  won 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, 2 Silver Stars, and 5 Air Medals 

Died at age 97, in Warner Robins, Georgia on February 27, 2006.

Artist: Miller

     Size: 19 x 24.5 "

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F14 Tomcat

Military Fighter Jets Poster

The Tomcat was developed by the American company Northrop Grumman for the US Navy on aircraft carriers, and used in the 1986 Movie Film " Top Gun " Starring Tom Cruise

Open Edition Poster Print

 Size: 22 x 34 " 


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