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Item # BB-1     Price $35

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Ballparks of the Major League 2000

Major league Baseball Ballparks

Open Edition Print Poster

Baseball Parks of MLB

Photographer:  Howe


Size 24x36" 

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Item # BB-2a  $25

Item # BB-2b  $105

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 " Passing the Torch "

Gehrig & Dimaggio Baseball Legends

  Baseball Sports Art Prints

Artwork of  Famous Baseball Players

Picture of Lou Gehrig & Joe Dimaggio

Artist:  Friedlander


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Item # BB-3     $105

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Babe Ruth - NY Yankees Baseball Legend

 Signed Limited Edition Sports Print

Baseball Art of Major League Players

Artwork of  Famous Baseball Players

Artist:: Friedlander

Babe Ruth Illustration Art Picture

      Size 18x24"        

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Item # BB-4o     $25

Item # BB-4     $105

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 "Shoeless Joe"

"Shoeless" Joe Jackson Baseball Legend

Signed Limited Edition Sports Print

Baseball Art of Major League Players

Artwork of  Famous Baseball Players

Artist:: Friedlander

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Item # BB-5    $25

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 "Perfect Day"

Humorous Baseball Art

 Open Edition Lithograph Print Poster 

Caption reads:   "The sky is clear but for the occasional cloud.  A stiff,  warm breeze blows over the grass as you tug on your cap, look at all that surround you, and smile, knowing that soon their centerfielder will run like a gazelle until his face smashes into the outfield wall as you're rounding first." 

Artist: Posterboyz 

Size 18x24"  

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 Item # BB-6       $35

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Legends of the Black Diamond

Famous Negro League Baseball Players 

Open Edition Lithograph Poster Print

 Size 24x36"  

Negro League Sports Art

Artist:  Suntala  

Negro League Baseball Legends

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