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Section 2: Frame Moulding Cutting, Joining Equipment, Miter Saws (Note: newest listings appear on latter pages)

-#332 - Fillet Cutters     -#277 - Accessories      -#300 - Vnails       -#285 - Dust Collectors  

  -#286 - Air Compressors -#345 - Air Compressors  -#348  - Thumbnailers  -#283 - Jyden and Hansen Choppers     

 -#320 - Jyden and Hansen Choppers -#328 - Morso Choppers   -#346 - Morso Choppers    -#330 - Cassese and CTD Choppers

-#293  - Valiani Choppers  -#321 - Disc Sanders    -#319 - Single Blade Mitre Saws     -#350 - Single Blade Mitre Saws                    

 -#351  - Cassese V-nailers   -#308 - Taurus Underpinners       -#342 - Universal V-nailers

-#353  - Pistorius Double Mitre Saws  #303  - Programmable Double Mitre Saws    -#344 - Double Mitre Saws   -#334 - ITW AMP Double Mitre Saws    

-#309 - OMGA Double Mitre Saws -#318 - Omega Double Mitre Saws  -#349  - Brevetti Double Mitre Saws -#354 - CTD Double Mitre Saws 

-#341 - Ledsome and Inmes Double Mitre Saws -#326 - Universal Double Mitre Saws  -#329 - Nicoletti Double Mitre Saws      -#331 - Cassese Double Mitre Saws

-#311 - Brevetti Underpinners             -#312 - Fletcher Underpinners       -#315 - Pistorius Underpinners / Joiners   

 -#316 - Assorted Underpinners / Joiners     -#317 - Inmes Underpinners / Joiners  -#298 - Manual Underpinners 

-#352 - ITW AMP Pneumatic Underpinners -#339  - Programmable Underpinners   -#355 - Manual Underpinners 

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Item # UFE-2450   $5,995

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Nicoletti T350 Double Mitre Saw

This machine is in Good Condition.

This item can be picked up in Canada or shipped for an additional fee by common carrier. Shipping is not the $6.50 default found in the shopping cart.


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Item # UFE-2566   $ Call for Pricing

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Nicoletti Double Mitre Saw

This machine is in Good Condition.

This item can be picked up in North Carolina or shipped for an additional fee by common carrier. Shipping is not the $6.50 default found in the shopping cart.


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