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Section 4: Canvas Stretcher / Stretching Machines, Color Printers, Shrink Wrap Machine, SmartBoard

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List replacement: $ 1,240 + tax + shipping

Item # UFE-419   $ 395

Full Image

AFG Rolling Ladder With Platform

This is in good condition, coming from a production shop which recently closed.

AFG Rolling Ladder With Platform:

Heavy duty rolling ladder in excellent condition.
Their unique stabilizing system offers total stability. These heavy duty rolling safety ladders are without doubt the most solid and secure on the market. Moreover, they comply to all security standards (ANSI 14.7 standard). Each ladder comes with a compliance plate affixed. Steps and top step are made of slip resistant 14 gauge steel. The 52 degree climbing angle permits forward descent.
• Overall height: 148"
• Base width: 36"
• Base depth: 95"
• Platform height: 108"
• Platform width: 24"
• Platform depth: 20"
• Weight: 274 lbs
• Steps: 12
• Capacity: 500 lbs
• Wheel Type: All 4" swivel
*Standard 13” Deep Top Step From 3 To 7 Steps And 20” Deep Top Step From 8 To 16 Step
*40” High Handrails And Guardrails
*Heavy Duty 1” Square Tubing Structure And 2” x 1” Rectangular Staircase Structure
*Baked Urethane Finish

This item can be picked up in Arizona or shipped for an additional fee by freight carrier. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


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List $3,150

Item UFE-420  $ Call for Availability

Full Image

The Gallery Stretcher 60

Gallery Wrap Canvas Stretching Machine

This is a new unit that was mis-shipped from the factory. It still has the full 1 year warranty.

A 60 inch (150 cm) fully pneumatic canvas stretcher designed to produce gallery wraps and regular stretches for Giclée and original artwork in less than three minutes


This item can be picked up in Ohio or shipped for an additional fee by FedEx. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


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Item # UFE-421   $3,500

Full Image

Assorted Moulding

About 50,000 Feet Total Uncut Sticks

Includes: Larsen Juhl, Culver, Studio, etc        Sizes: 8, 10, 12'

 This is Wood & Metal Frame Moulding coming from a Production Frame Shop that Closed.


This item can be picked up in North Carolina or shipped for an additional fee by Freight. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


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Item # UFE-422   $3,500

Full Image

Assorted Matboard in Bulk

Quantity: About 5,000 32x40" sheets in this lot.

Over 120 color Specs Assorted 32x40" Crescent & Bainbridge Matboard

 This is Matboard coming from a Production Frame Shop that Closed.



This item can be picked up in North Carolina or shipped for an additional fee by Freight. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


Sold 10-15-10        Return Home

List replacement: $ 3,995

Item # UFE-423   $ 1,400

Full Image

Epson 7800 Pro Color Printer

24" Commercial Printer in Excellent Condition. Ink Cartridges are over 80% full.

Year Manufactured 2008

From the seller:

The Epson 7800 PRO is a very high end 24" wide Giclée printer.  I purchased this printer for over $2500 approximately 2 years ago. It includes a printer cover also which is great at keeping all the dust out. There is substantial ink left; I have only printed approximately 180 prints.

The Epson Ultra Chrome K3 Ink is amazing. I am a photographer that reproduces Giclée art work and have bought an Epson 9900 PRO so I no longer need the Epson Pro 7800.  As a photographer, who reproduced art work this Giclée printer is a great tool that produces beautiful Giclée prints on demand.

Owning the Epson 7800 Pro printer will defray the cost of a Lab and allow you total control of your prints.

The Epson 7800 PRO large format Giclée printer (8 x 10 to 24" wide to 100' long), The Epson 7800 PRO is a multi media printer that is equally at home printing on photo paper, watercolor paper (William Turner 310) and canvas.

This Printer uses Photo Black as well as Matte Black. For the Giclée artwork prints I use matte black but it is easy to change back to photo black.

This item can be picked up in New York or shipped for an additional fee by UPS or Freight. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


Sold 9-15-10       Return Home

Smart Board List Replacement Price : $ 2,000

 *** Reduced  Item # UFE-424   $ 575

 *** Reduced  Item # UFE-424b   $ 650

 *** Reduced  Item # UFE-424c   $ 125

 *** Reduced  Item # UFE-424d   $ 1,000

Full Image

Smart Technologies SB 850P 72" Screen SmartBoard

There are 2 available for sale.

Year Manufactured 2002

From distributor / manufacturer's website:

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard transforms your classroom, meeting or training space into an interactive working and learning environment. With the combined power of a projector, computer and whiteboard you can do everything you do on your computer and more. Simply touch the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to highlight key points, access applications and Web sites, and write notes in electronic ink. Then, save all your work to one file that you can print, e-mail or post to a Web site.

- Touch the screen to control your computer
- Write in electronic ink
- Save, print or e-mail notes
- Highlight key information with easy-to-use tools

Model 580
Active Screen Area (diagonal) 72" (182.9 cm)

SMART Board software and Notebook software. Free software upgrades, available at

See page #17 for Current Information

Contact manufacturer for any software or upgrades that may be available for this equipment, or difference between this model and any newer generation .

   Sold 2-6-11  UFE-424 Board Only

 Sold 2-6-11  UFE-424b Board + Hard Shipping Case

 Order This Item UFE-424c  Case Only

 Sold 2-6-11  UFE-424d 2 Boards + Hard Shipping Case

This item can be picked up in New Jersey or shipped for an additional fee by UPS or Freight Company. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.

ANDY-NJ-2010 $750 board - $1,000 board + case/ 10-29-10 $650 board - - $175 Case -$750 board+case - $1300 both boards + 1 case / 12-1-10 $575 board -$150 Case - $650 board+case - $1000 both boards + 1 case

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