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Section 4: Canvas Stretcher / Stretching Machines, Printers, Moulding, Frame Shop Accessories, Print Bins, Rounders

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Item # UFE-425a   $ 4,995 Top Unit

Item # UFE-425b   $ 4,995 Bottom Unit

Full Image

GAPP Canvas Stretch Master

For gallery wrap stretching of your canvas artwork

There are 0 available for sale.

Year Manufactured:  About 2005

From manufacturer's website:

Regarding maintenance: There is very little involved looking after the machines.  Basically, the three shafts on which the stretcher arms moves should be kept clean and oiled (a light silicone oil will suffice).  The only consumable on the machine is the rubber grip which should last for approximately 35,000 stretches but replacement rubbers are available from this office.

Two sizes: 48” model (stretching a canvas up to 48” square)


Contact manufacturer for difference between this model and any newer generation .


This item can be picked up in the Ohio, or crated & shipped for an additional fee by Common Carrier. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


 Sold 12-10-10 UFE-425A

No Longer Available: Item UFE-425B

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Item # UFE-426   $ 500

Full Image

Assorted Wood Moulding

Approximately 5,000 - 6,000 Feet Total Uncut Sticks

Includes: Larsen Juhl, Culver, Studio, etc        Sizes: 8, 10, 12'

This item can be picked up in Delaware or shipped for an additional fee by Freight. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


 See Assorted Moulding Section for Current Information     Return Home


 Item # UFE-427   $ 400  each

  Item # UFE-427s   $ 750  set of 2

 Item # UFE-427sa   $ 1400  set of 4

Full Image 

5 Drawer Metal Flat File

Large Art Print / Architect / Map / Blue Print Drawer

 This units are coming from a framing shop which closed it doors recently

There are 4 Units Available

This item can be picked up in Florida or shipped for an additional fee by common carrier. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


   # UFE-427   $ 400  each

   # UFE-427s   $ 750 set

 Sold 2-8-10   # UFE-427sa   $ 1400 set

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List replacement: $ 3,995

Item # UFE-428   $ 1,350

Full Image

Epson 7800 Pro Color Printer

24" Commercial Printer in Very Good Condition.

Year Manufactured: ***

From the seller:

The Epson 7800 PRO is a very high end 24" wide Giclée printer.  It is in Very Good working condition.

Owning the Epson 7800 Pro printer will defray the cost of a Lab and allow you total control of your prints.

The Epson 7800 PRO large format Giclée printer (8 x 10 to 24" wide to 100' long), The Epson 7800 PRO is a multi media printer that is equally at home printing on photo paper, watercolor paper (William Turner 310) and canvas.

This Printer uses Photo Black as well as Matte Black. For the Giclée artwork prints

This item can be picked up in Nebraska or shipped for an additional fee by Crate & Freight  Company. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


JP-Sold-6-30-11       Return Home

List replacement: $4,995

Item # UFE-429   $2,595

Full Image

Epson 9800 Color Printer

From the Seller: "serial number is GL5003728. The year is 2006. It is is very good-excellent condition,   Attached are pictures showing the ink levels, some are full, some are almost full"

Year Manufactured 2006

This is in very good condition. Comes with the stand

  • 44" Wide Format Printer
  • 8-color Epson UltraChrome K3™ Ink
  • Advanced Black & White Printing Technology

See manufacturer's website for any updates / changes that may have occurred.

This item can be picked up in Arizona or shipped for an additional fee by freight company. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


 Sold 2-16-11        Return Home

List replacement: $2,200

**** Reduced *** Item # UFE-430   $695

Full Image

Art Print / Poster - Swing-Arm Display Rack

Swinging Display Panel / Floor Display Unit with Casters

Includes (50) 30X40” Top Opening Aluminum Panels with Archival Polypropylene Film

This unit is in very good condition coming from a frame shop that is closing.


This item can be picked up in Illinois, or shipped for an additional fee by freight company. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.

Bruce-IL-12-14-10 $750 / 1-7-11 $695

MV-Sold-1-4-17     Return Home

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