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 *Special This Month!* Item #M-1     $19.95

Item #M-2     $10

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The Big House

Aerial Photo of The Big House

Open Edition Lithograph Poster Print

 Photo:  AVP

Order This Item   #M-1 Size: 22x28"

Order This Item #M-2 Size:  8x10"

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Item # M-3    $35

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Timeless Traditions

University of Michigan Wolverines

 Open Edition Lithographic Poster Print

Photographer:  Chatham

Licensed UM Print

 Size: 16x20" 

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Item # M-4     $50

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University of Michigan Football

Wolverines Football Sports Artwork Print

Limited Edition Signed Numbered Art Print

Artist: Mellet


 Size:   19 x 25" 

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Item # M-5    $30

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  In A Haze... With The Blue & Maize 

Funny artwork depicts 2 bewildered OSU Fans stuck in the middle of a pack of Wolverine Fans

Signed Open Edition Wolverines Football Art Print

Artist: Leathers

Size:   16x20" 

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Item #  M-6      $60

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Choir Huddle

University of Michigan Football Sports Art

Signed Open Edition Artwork Print 

Artist: Joseph 

Size: 19 1/2 x 26 1/2"  


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Item #  M-7   $250

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University of Michigan: Coach Lloyd Carr

Geclee on Canvas + Varnish 

Signed Artist Proof

Artist:  Joseph 

Legend Head Coach Wolverines Football 

Size: 19x23" 

 Michigan Wolverines Art Canvas 

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Item #  M-8   $35

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University Of Michigan

The Michigan Union

Campus Landmark Art Print Images

Open Edition UM Artwork Print

Artist: CI


Size:   22 x 28" 

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Item #  M-9   $69

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University Of Michigan

The Michigan Union

Campus Landmark Art Print Images

Limited Edition UM Artwork Print


 Size:   10 x 14" 

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