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Section 3:  Mat and Glass Cutting Equipment

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Item # CMC-7  Call for Pricing

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Valiani Mat Libra CMC Mat Cutter

Libra is the perfect mat cutter for professional framers, born to assist the user with excellent performance and extreme precision. The Libra is targeted at companies with medium volume production that require robust and reliable equipment. 

Libra is equipped with two independent head holders and does not need to stop between different plotting processes and multiple combinations, which  are possible among all the i-heads. Libra can work on two different workstations or on a single oversized ( 1.9 mt ) one, allowing the user to process special or oversize material.

The large working table, combined with a new button clamping system, not only provides incomparable working flexibility over a wide range of materials but also provides the user with unparalleled accuracy and flexibility to meet today’s production challenges.



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Item # CMC-8  Call for Pricing

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Valiani Mat GTO-i CMC Mat Cutter

Gto®-i computerized matboard cutting machine was developed and constructed for production framing businesses. The best ever two-station CMC, it can be run efficiently by one or two operators allowing you to speed up production when needed. With exciting features such asnesting to optimize matboard use, theGto®-i will take on the argest production run you may have. Gto®-i features a “hold-down” system consisting of aluminum clamp rails on the left, bottom and right sides which are actuated by pneumatic cylinders. Gto®-i provides years of flawless performance with technology that has been proven in the most extreme framing environments, the Gto® is the best production CMC for you. 

Gto®-i blades are meticulously produced from the finest steel and sharpened to a precisely controlled edge. Blades are inexpensive and will cut from 90 up to 160 average openings depending on the quality of the mat used as well as the mat size. Changing the blade is fast and simple and can be done in 30 seconds or less. Blades can be changed at any time, even during the work cycle, without leaving the program. 

FAST AND SIMPLE INSTALLATION: and set up of the machine is accomplished with basic tools. No more than one hour is required to be fully operational. Software provided on a CD format for fast installation on your personal computer. Follow the instructions on the Demo Software and learn all about the program Future Mat Designer. The user friendly software is easy to use. Become an expert in no time at all!



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Item # NFE-143 Astra 105 36" Mat Cutter   $ 1,795

Item # NFE-143a Astra 120 48" Mat Cutter   $ 1,495

Item # NFE-143b Astra 150 60" Mat Cutter   $ 1,995

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Astra Manual Mat Cutter

With the new Valiani Astra 120/150 benchtop machine mat cutting has evolved to the next level. The Astra is available in cutting capacities of 1250mm (49”) and 1550mm (61”) and cuts mats of varying thickness. The machine fully accessorized in its standard version is supplied with magnetic stops, measuring stops, an easy to use blade holder and an extension arm. The cutting head slides on four ball bearings which glide on two sturdy non warping tempered steel tracks constantly cleaned by two small brushes placed beneath it. The measuring stops are simply adjusted and allow precision cuts on all 4 sides of the matboard drastically reducing overcuts and undercuts.




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Item # CMC-9  Valiani Mat Pro-i 150 Pneumatic Mat Cutter "Basic Package"  $4,695

Item # CMC-9c  Valiani Mat Pro-i 150 Pneumatic Mat Cutter "Custom Package"  $8,495

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Valiani Mat Pro-i 150 Mat Cutter

The MatPro-i is a durable and proven mat cutting machine that delivers exceptional quality, versatility and value. The MatPro pneumatic mat cutter is a unique manual design that incorporates state-of-the-art features, increasing your range, minimizing set-up, improving productivity, and eliminating common problems. With the Mat Pro-i, the pneumatic clamping feature holds the matboard firmly in place and you no longer have to rotate your mat in order to cut your openings. The pneumatic cutting head provides precision and maximum control and smooth blade insertion eliminates hooking and increases accuracy.

The custom package includes additional interchangeable heads



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Item # CMC-11  Call for Pricing

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Valiani Mat Pro Button Clamp CMC Mat Cutter

The Ultra BC, combines all the Mat Pro® line features with the button clamps system, eliminating waste and providing the maximum yield. Thanks to the wide range of hardware and software accessories it can be customized according to all different production requirements. The Valiani machines flexibility allows custom-tailor at any time with no extra cost. 



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