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 Item # PS-1   Price $55

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Nittany Lions Football

 Signed Limited Edition Sport Art Print

   Penn State Football Collage Artwork 

Coach Joe Paterno Art Print

Nittany Lions College Football Art Print

Artist:  Mellet

Size 18x24    

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 *Special This Month!* Item # PS-2     $19.95

   Item #  PS-3     $10  

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Penn State Aerial

Open Edition Sports Print 

          Penn State Nittany Lions Football

Photography:  AVS

              Aerial Photo Beaver Stadium

   Order This Item   #PS-2   Sizes:  22x28" Also Available Framed in a Black Plastic Frame for an additional fee.

        Order This Item     # PS-3       8x10" Also Available Framed in a Black Plastic Frame for an additional fee.

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Item # PS-4      $69

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Penn State University

University Park, PA

Penn State Campus Landmark Building Art Print

Limited Edition Art Illustration Print

Artist: CI / LP

Student / Alumni / Diploma / Graduation Art


 Size:   10 x 14" 

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*Special Price  Item # PS-5   $45

 (Print normally sells for $110)

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Nittany Lions Football

Penn State: Happy Valley 

Nittany Lions Football Artwork

Artist: Kelly

Limited Edition Sport Lithographic Art Print

Edition Size:  900

 Size:   15 x 36" 

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Item # PS-6   $45

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Penn State "Unibearsity" 

Penn State University Nittany Lions Football

  Signed Limited Edition Giclee Art Print 

from Original Watercolor Painting

Artist: Bishop 

Penn State Art Print 

   Size: 20 x 22"

See PS-34 on page 6 for other Kid themed art

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