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          Rochester, New York       



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Rochester, New York

Rochester NY Panoramic Evening Skyline

Picture caption describes city in view ... click on full image or see below for complete caption. 

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Photo: JB


Size: 13.5 x 40"


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Poster Caption: This panoramic photograph of Rochester ... features downtown Rochester as seen looking down the Genesee River. At the far left with its brightly lit pointed top is the Eastman Kodak Building. Directly up the river with its striated white vertical fins is Chase Tower. Right of Chase Tower with a pointed roof is Bausch & Lomb Place. The dark building with the red “X” is Xerox Tower. Rochester is informally called the “Image Capital of the World,” with photographic, optics, and photocopy industry giants headquartered here. Rochester was home to women’s suffragist Susan B. Anthony.



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