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Item # UG-1   $45

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"Unibearsity" of Georgia

University of Georgia Football

  Signed Limited Edition Geclee Art Print 

from Original Watercolor Painting

Artist: Bishop 

Size: 20 x 22"

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Item # UG-2   $20

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Georgia Bulldogs 

Georgia Bulldogs Football Poster

Licensed Bulldog Team Logo Art Print

Bulldogs Football, Bulldogs  Poster Prints 


Size: 22 x 34"


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Item # UG-3   $105

Item # UG-3s   $30

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" Dawg Traditions "

A Tribute to Georgia Football

Artist: Gamble

 Signed Limited Edition Art Print of 2004

University of Georgia Bulldogs Football


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Item # UG-4   $105

Item # UG-4s   $30

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" Top Dawgs "

2002 SEC Championship Game

Georgia 30 - Arkansas 3

Artist: Gamble

 Signed Limited Edition Art Print of 2002

University of Georgia Bulldogs Football

 2002 SEC Champions


Order This Item Item # UG-4  Size: 19 x21.25"

Order This Item Item # UG-4s Size: 11 x 9"(signed open edition)

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Item # UG-5   $125


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" Return to Glory "

1997 'Dogs defeated the Florida Gators in Gator Bowl Stadium

Artist: AZ

 Signed Limited Edition Art Print of 1997

University of Georgia Bulldogs Football


  Size: 25 x18.75"

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Item # UG-6   $155

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" Georgia Dreams "

This artwork enshrines Georgia's greatest teams, coaches and player celebrating their true excellence. Everyday, somewhere in Georgia, the magic begins - at home, in the back yard, a little boy, a ball and the love of Georgia football that inspires the dream of one day taking his place among Georgia's football legends.

Artist: VHP - DH

 Signed Limited Regular Edition Art Print of 2003

A meaning of the composition and certificate of authenticity is included with each print.


  Size: 18 x24"


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