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Section 16: Used Engravers


UE-1   Dahlgren Wizzard XL Engraver

This machine is in Good Condition.

Technician refurbished:  comes with 90 day warranty

Price   $2,295



  engrave up to 70 lines of text on a single plate, with up to 64 characters per line

  use full European accents and punctuation with any font- -a total of 60 European characters

  engrave up to 12 different fonts on one plate

  condense text down to 1 % or expand it up to 999%

  slant characters at any angle up to 60 degrees, right or left

  use eight combinations of upright, reverse, side-ways or upside down engraving

  save commonly used jobs to be engraved over & over

  view a directory of all jobs you've stored and print it out for reference

  engrave one job while setting up another

  repeat a job up to 999 times

  print out a job's layout specifications and keep a file copy of each job

  change the pressure for different engraving materials with adjustable "spindle down" pressure

  vary the spindle engraving speed using motor speed control

  display the job in either decimals or millimeters

  engrave an area of unlimited length, up to 48" at a time

  create arcs and reverse arcs

  perform batch and multiple runs of the same layout

  Sublines: engrave different fonts within the same line

This item can be picked up in California or shipped for an additional fee by freight company. Shipping is not the $6.50 default on the order page.


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