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Women's Soccer Championships

Pasadena, CA  July 10 1999

Aerial Photographer:  AVS

Open Edition Lithograph Print Poster

Rose Bowl


Order This Item  #SO-1 Size: 8x10" Also Available Framed in Black Plastic Frame for additional fee.

Order This Item #SO-1 22x28" Also Available Framed in Black Plastic Frame for additional fee.

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World Cup Victory !

Celebrate Italy's World Cup victory with this one-of-a-kind 8x10  newspaper poster collage.

This unique collage displays the front-pages of over 30 Newspapers from around the world the day after Italy won the 2006 World Cup Championship. 

See how national and international papers from the United States, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and many more, reported the incredible victory over France.

This unique collectors edition will look great framed and hung in your office, sports room or bar and makes the perfect gift for any soccer fan!

  • Features front-page headlines from 30 newspapers around the world as published on July 10th, 2006.
  • the edge to give it a matted look.


Order This Item  #SO-1 Size: 8x10" 

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Item # SO-4C    $205

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Signed Limited Edition Artwork

Born: 22 September 1976

Birthplace: Bento Ribeiro, Brazil

Name at birth: Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima

FIFA Player of the Year 1996-1997

Artist: Fall

Sold Out  #SO-4s Size: 8x10" Art Print

Sold Out  #SO-4 Size: 11x14" Art Print

Sold Out  #SO-4L Size: 16x20" Art Print

Sold Out  #SO-4C Size: 16x20" Giclee on Canvas

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Just Kickin' It

Inspirational Soccer Posters

Soccer Photo Artwork Poster Prints 


Size:  22x34"


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Mia Hamm

Women's Soccer Legend / Role Model

United State National Team 1987 - 2004; University of North Carolina Tar Heels 1989-1993; Washington Freedom 2001-2003

Women's FIFA player of the year 2001, 2002; listed as one of FIFA's 125 best living players, 2007 selected for Induction into National Soccer Hall of Fame ; Olympic Gold Medalist USA Team 1996, 2004

College Basketball Sports Photo


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Order This Item     # SO-6s  Size: 8x10"

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History of the World Cup

World Cup Soccer  Artwork / Photo Poster / Wall Chart Prints 

dotAll 18 World Cup tournaments since 1930 thru 2006
dotPhotos of soccer's greatest stars: Pele, Maradona, Beckenbauer, Rossi, Beckham, Zidane, Donovan, Platini, Sanchez and more
dotOfficial publicity photos from each tourney
dotThousands of names, highlights, and scores from the greatest tournaments of the world's most popular sport


Size:  24x36"

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